Condolence & Memory Journal

Hi, finally saw you today. I know you heard what I told you. Still thinking of you & missing you..

Posted by A friend   March 09, 2021

Hi, still think of you often. Sorry I haven't visited. Lots of changes going on, but I know you're watching so you see. Love you babe & miss you!

Posted by A friend   December 22, 2020

Thinking of you & sending my love! Xoxo

Posted by A friend   July 27, 2020

Hey babe, I know you were with me in that hospital room today making sure I got through that procedure. Thank you! Missing ya & loving ya...

Posted by A friend   June 30, 2020

Saw your look-alike the other day. Broke my heart! Still missing you.. xoxo

Posted by A friend   May 26, 2020

Thinking of you & I promise I'll visit you within the week! Love you & miss you.. xoxo

Posted by A friend   April 03, 2020

Dan, I wish you were here to see what is going on out there right now! I know you'd be here shaking your head & saying "Ridiculous" just like I am. RIP babe.. xoxo

Posted by A friend   March 13, 2020

Missing you today.. and always!

Posted by A friend   March 08, 2020

Thinking of you alot lately & miss you so much! So many things I want to tell you- wish you were here! Love you.. Xoxo

Posted by A friend   January 16, 2020

Merry Christmas Dan! Visited you today.. Miss you babe! Xoxo

Posted by A friend   December 25, 2019

Miss you babe! Love you..

Posted by A friend   November 17, 2019

Hey babe, just me. Sorry I didn't see you at all this week, but you know I'm fighting being sick. Please make this go away already! Hopefully will see you in a couple days. Til then, love you!

Posted by A friend   April 07, 2019

Ok, 2nd post for today- maybe this one will go. Can't believe it's been a year! Miss your texts, smile, winks, & just you... Love you Dan! "Babes"

Posted by A friend   January 26, 2019

Merry Christmas Dan! Visited you today- I know you knew I was there. Miss you like crazy!!! Love You, Babes Xoxo

Posted by A friend   December 25, 2018

Happy Birthday Sweetie! Thinking about you & sending hugs to you in heaven.. Miss ya lots! Love, Babes

Posted by A friend   December 05, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving babe! Always in my mind & always in my heart... Xoxo

Posted by A friend   November 22, 2018

Almost forgot!!! Again, I should be texting you this instead, but Happy Sweetest Day Dan- love you & miss you... Love, Babes

Posted by A friend   October 20, 2018

Saw your girl today- boy, did we have many laughs over her! Miss laughing with you Dan.. RIP babe..

Posted by A friend   September 12, 2018

I need you!!! BUT, I know you see what's going on. Guide me in the right direction Dan please! Love ya, miss ya.. Xoxo

Posted by A friend   August 22, 2018

One day I might stop posting on this, but until then, love & miss you babe! Sooooo wish you were here...

Posted by A friend   August 01, 2018

6 months have come & gone so quickly... still wishing this was a dream & that I'll see you again. :( You're still thought of, missed & loved everyday! Xoxo

Posted by A friend   July 25, 2018

Got some stuff going on- wish you were here because I really wanna vent to you, but I can hear your voice in my head telling me not to sweat any of it! Miss you soooo much!!!! Xoxo

Posted by A friend   June 23, 2018

Dan, this is a little early & I should be texting you this instead, but.. Happy Father's Day! Not a day goes by that I don't think about you. You are missed! Love, "Babes"

Posted by A friend   June 15, 2018

I miss you! Xoxo...

Posted by A friend   May 19, 2018

Ok, my lengthy post to you wasn't posted... Anyway, just want to say thinking of you, but I know you already know that! Can't believe you've been gone 3 months- time flies! Wishing I could still talk/vent to you.. I'll visit you again soon. Miss ya! :(

Posted by A friend   April 30, 2018

Happy Easter babe.. You'll always be in my mind & in my heart! Xoxo

Posted by A friend   March 31, 2018

Visited you today- with a little help, found you by the pine tree! Still can't believe you're gone.. Miss you & promise I'll visit again soon! RIP & love ya...

Posted by A friend   March 20, 2018

Just thinking of you & hope you've reunited with your daughter Ariel! Miss you.. Xoxo

Posted by A friend   March 05, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day Dan- you're thought of & missed everyday! I promise I'll visit you soon.. :) Love, "Babes" (you know who) Xoxo

Posted by A friend   February 13, 2018

Still crying some tears over you- you sure know how to shock & devastate someone at the same time... So hard to believe you're gone! :( Thinking of you everyday..

Posted by A friend   February 04, 2018

Saw you today- you looked so at peace! You told me a couple times "Life can't throw me another curveball", but you surely threw one at mine... Miss you so much! Xoxo

Posted by A friend   January 30, 2018

Andy, Dylan and Daya,
Few have ever known someone as loyal, generous, caring and hard working as your Dad. He was so proud of the three of you. We are family. Don't ever hesitate to turn to us for anything.

Posted by Kelly Baldwin - Strongsville, OH - Family Friend   January 29, 2018

Andrew, Dylan, & Daya, I've known your father for many years coming into Home Depot- he was an awesome guy & loved you 3 very much! He will be missed lots, but is in a better place without pain...Stay strong for each other!

Posted by Lisa Powers - Berea, OH   January 28, 2018

RIP Dan.. I can't believe this! I will always cherish our friendship & will love you & miss you everyday of my life.. :(

Posted by A friend   January 28, 2018


They were wonderful giving neighbors, they will be deeply missed.

Posted by William and Judy Osborne - Neighbor   January 28, 2018

RIP" Painter Dan!" You will be missed!

Posted by Scott Adamonis - North Ridgeville, OH - friend   January 28, 2018

To my dear brother in law,Fly high my dear.your pain is nomore.Your life was a blessing to many of us.Gone way to Soon.But Visit w your brother n o w and RIP.

Posted by Tracy Hager Woods - Kings Mountain, NC   January 27, 2018