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6 months have come & gone so quickly... still wishing this was a dream & that I'll see you again. :( You're still thought of, missed & loved everyday! Xoxo

Posted by: A friend   Jul 25, 2018

Got some stuff going on- wish you were here because I really wanna vent to you, but I can hear your voice in my head telling me not to sweat any of it! Miss you soooo much!!!! Xoxo

Posted by: A friend   Jun 23, 2018

Dan, this is a little early & I should be texting you this instead, but.. Happy Father's Day! Not a day goes by that I don't think about you. You are missed! Love, "Babes"

Posted by: A friend   Jun 15, 2018

I miss you! Xoxo...

Posted by: A friend   May 19, 2018

Ok, my lengthy post to you wasn't posted... Anyway, just want to say thinking of you, but I know you already know that! Can't believe you've been gone 3 months- time flies! Wishing I could still talk/vent to you.. I'll visit you again soon. Miss ya! :(

Posted by: A friend   Apr 30, 2018

Happy Easter babe.. You'll always be in my mind & in my heart! Xoxo

Posted by: A friend   Mar 31, 2018

Visited you today- with a little help, found you by the pine tree! Still can't believe you're gone.. Miss you & promise I'll visit again soon! RIP & love ya...

Posted by: A friend   Mar 20, 2018

Just thinking of you & hope you've reunited with your daughter Ariel! Miss you.. Xoxo

Posted by: A friend   Mar 05, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day Dan- you're thought of & missed everyday! I promise I'll visit you soon.. :) Love, "Babes" (you know who) Xoxo

Posted by: A friend   Feb 13, 2018

Still crying some tears over you- you sure know how to shock & devastate someone at the same time... So hard to believe you're gone! :( Thinking of you everyday..

Posted by: A friend   Feb 04, 2018